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Our Process


       We get our industrial hemp sourced to us from Colorado and ship it to our laboratory in arizona.

step 2:

       Once the hemp reaches our laboratory in arizona we go through a extraction process to to isolate the cannabinoids that are present in the hemp. Once this extraction is done we do a isolation process where the cannabinoids get isolated from thc molecules. this process gets rid of the THC. after these steps we have broad spectrum CBD oil.

step 3:

       the next step in our process is the extracted broad spectrum oil gets transported to our manufacturing facility. During this step we create all of the products. every product gets measured, filled, and boxed. after this all of the products go through a quality inspection to make sure everything is perfect. 

step 4:

       we grab five products out of every new batch that is created. these five products get sent to a third party laboratory in california. they get tested for potency, pesticides, microbials, heavy metals, and solvents. once the test is successful we receive a certificate of analysis which we provide for every product sold. you can check to certificate of analysis of any product by checking the qr code on the box.

step 5:

       after all these steps we finally send our products to our shipping facilities. from here they online orders get shipped out, our distributors get shipped out their orders, and the products go to retail locations all around the usa!


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