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About UrbanCBD

                  Urban CBD is a company based out of Utah started in 2018. Our mission from the beginning was very clear we wanted to provide high quality, transparent, and affordable CBD products to the masses. Around the time we started our company CBD was starting to become a booming market in Utah. The problem was that a lot of the CBD brands were not reputable, this in turn caused a huge rise of problems with synthetic CBD products. These products caused harm to a lot of people because they had the facade of “CBD” but in reality they were made with dangerous synthetic chemicals. Many people got sick from these synthetic CBD products Utah decided to start a regulatory body that enforced all CBD products sold in the state. The Department of Agriculture was assigned to take the role to enforce all matters to do with hemp/CBD. As soon as we heard the news we were eager to register our brand with the Utah Department of Agriculture because it meant that our products could be certified and trusted. There are many rigorous steps that you need to go through to get your products registered with the Utah Department of Agriculture. One of the most important enforcement tools they used was that they required all brands take third party lab tests of their end products for every new batch. These lab results need to check for potency, microbials, solvents, pesticides, and heavy metals. This insured that all products are 100% safe before they get into a consumers hand. We got certified with the Utah Department of Agriculture we got started with our vision. Now Urban CBD is a big company trusted by many households and retailers all around the US!

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